Relic Hunter

Relic Hunter was an action adventure television series that follows the globe-trotting adventures of American archaeologist named Sydney Fox and her British assistant Nigel Bailey. Sydney was a professor who is looking for ancient artifacts to return to museums. Her assistant Nigel help her and sometimes by her air-headed secretary named Claudia. She usually ends up fighting with hunters that is seeking out the artifacts for the money.

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Missy said...

You've got a brief description of that tv series yet facts is there.

Television Show said...

Wow, Tia Carrere is one of the hottest hollywood star, even though her skin is not white her s3x appeal is so astonishing! I've been watching this television show one of my favorite episode is when they found Pandora's box! I like it very much

Cryxellis said...

I remember this tv series, I used to watch it with my family- it's not my favorite but I enjoy watching it