How the West Was Won

How the West Was Won was aired on ABC from February 6, 1977 until April 23, 1979. A western television series that starred Bruce Boxleitner, James Arness and Fionnula. It was directed by Burt Kennedy and Daniel Mann. The series was based on the all-star 1962 film and a sequel to 1976 TV-movie entitled The Macahans.

The story follows Zeb Macahan who spent ten years in the Dakota Territory before returning to Virginia where his brother's family was getting ready for their long trip west. But as they started their journey, Civil War began. When Zeb's brother Timothy returned from east and his wife Kate died in an accident their four children's was leave on Zeb's care. The four children named Luke, the oldest who had killed three men in self-defense and was escaping from law; Laura was beautiful and ready to become woman; Jessie was the tomboyish and Josh was the cheerful teenager who become the man of the family.

The series also deals with bandits , Indians and other problems regarding on west days.

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