Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal TV series follows the trials and burden in life of Ally a 28-year old lawyer who is just fresh out from Harvard Law School. She lost her job when she told the firm's partner that she was harassed at the firm she was originally working. However, her old classmate named Richard Fish give her a job at his law firm where his ex-boyfriend Billy and his new wife is also working. Ally McBeal and Billy was a childhood lovers during their old school years. Ally take a law course even she don't have any interest just to follow Billy. But their relationship end when Billy decided to pursue his career away from Ally. It's really hard for Ally to work with Billy since she still have feelings for him.

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Marek Hlavac said...

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A.I. Editor said...

Ally Mcbeal looks better now. She used to be so scrawny.

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