My So Called Life

My so called life was set in “Liberty High” in Three Rivers , Pennsylvania. It is a teen drama series about Angela Chase, a 15 years old studying sophomore at Liberty High. She face many trial and suffering at his teenage life. She attempt to discover and insist to find her new identity. To do this, she distances herself from his parents and also from Sharon Cherski and Brian Krakow, her childhood friends. She also change her appearance by dying her hair a fiery “Crimson Glow”.

Her dream guy is Jordan Catalano, she likes him the way he leans and they start dating. They fall in love with each other but Angela eventually broke up with him but she still continue to see him.

My so called life deals with different issues like child abuse, homophobia, school violence, teenage alcoholism, adultery,homelessness, drug use and many others.

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