Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was set in New York. It tells the story about two people who came from different world and fell in love with each other. Catherine Chandler is an attorney who thinks that her life has no meaning and she's longing for something more even she has everything. While Vincent lives below the city in tunnels which is already forgotten. He's appearance is the reason why he must stay hidden from the city. But even his appearance is different from other he still have a good heart of a man. Catherine and Vincent share a bond stronger than friendship or love.

This series is different from Beauty and the Beast on the fairytale. The “Beast” does not transform into handsome guy after winning the love of Catherine. Rather, Vincent inner beauty still remain. The focus of the story is how the ugliness transformed by their love for each other.

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gingercaily said...

I love this series even the Disney showed how powerful love is...