Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan Adventures was an animated adventures of action -movie star Jackie Chan and his 11 year old niece Jade. Jackie Chan is an amateur archaeologist, who prefer to do his work quietly. He is battling the 12 magic talismans, that contains its very own power.

It started when Jackie and his Uncle visits his niece, Jade. There he finds out about section 13 and the magic talismans which is trying to retrieve by a criminal organization called the Dark Hand that is led by Valtmont to free the trapped Dragon, Shendu from prison of stone. The Dark Hand was always defeated by Jackie, so Shendu uses his allies “The Shadownkhan” to destroy Jackie Chan. All talisman that were found was place in Section 13 that has full security. While Jackie is looking for the other talismans the Dark Hand also is trying to figure out where Section 13 was located. Along the way, Jackie Chan must face dangers using his martial arts skills.

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Steve said...

I remember seeing a few of these on Fox Kids. I found them quite entertaining.

jamaine12 said...

Love to watch this series..I really like Jade.^_^