BeastMaster is an action TV series that follows the adventures of Dar, the last survivor of his tribe and also called as BeastMaster. He wanders the ancient lands, seeking for his lost loved one Kyra. He defend the animals. His friend Tao, a fearful, psychology-attracted young man will help him in his quest. Dar also meets Arina, another orphaned warrior who join his quest for her own reasons. The World of Beastmaster is full of lost tribes and the three characters are the last survivors of lost tribes.

It was set in a mythological time about wondering warrior who can communicate with animals.

Some Scene on BeastMaster TV Series

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Steve said...

I never even knew that there had been a TV series. Perhaps it never got shown here in the UK. I have the original film, starring Marc Singer, on video. I've seen it loads of time. It's great. I still haven't got around to seeing the sequel to it though. Unfortunately there are a great many things I never have time to watch.

Darkwell said...

Even though the title and the story sounds nice...This would be the first time I see it!! Anyway you got a nice Blog here...